Animal Name: African Lungfish.

Scientific Names:  (Protopterus annectens

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African Lungfish. Introduction

The West African lungfish (Protopterus annectens), also known as the Tana lungfish or simply African lungfish, is a species of African lungfish. It is found in a wide range of freshwater habitats in West Africa and Central Africa, Middle Africa, as well as the northern half of Southern Africa.

Description of African Lungfish.

Protopterus annectens has a prominent Snout and small Eye. Its body is long and Eel like, about 9–15 times the length of the head. It has two pairs of long, filamentous Fish fin. The Pectoral fin have a basal fringe and are about three times the head length, while its Pelvic fin are about twice the head length. In general, three external Fish gill are inserted posterior to the Gill slit and above the pectoral fins.The largest species reach about 200 cm (6.6 ft) long. African lungfishes generally inhabit shallow waters, such as swamps and marshes. They are also found in larger lakes such as Lake Victoria. They can live out of water for many months in burrows of hardened mud beneath a dried stream bed. They are carnivorous, eating Crustacean, aquatic insect larvae, and Molluscs.
Images of African Lungfish.

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