Animal Name: Topi

Scientific Names: Damaliscus lunatus

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Topi Introduction

The Topi, scientifically known as Damaliscus lunatus, is a fascinating antelope species found in Uganda and various other parts of Eastern Africa. Known for its remarkable speed and agility, the Topi is a large and robust animal with a shoulder height of around 100 to 130 centimeters and weighing approximately 100 to 180 kilograms. It possesses a reddish-brown coat, a dark face, and a distinctive hump-like shape on its back. Topis are predominantly grazers, feeding on a variety of grasses and herbs. They form large herds and engage in impressive territorial displays, including leaping and stotting. With their iconic appearance and vibrant behavior, Topis are an integral part of Uganda's diverse wildlife.

Description of Topi

The hair colour of the pelage may vary across the different geographic subpopulations, being darker or lighter (see photos). This subspecies has horns with a shape that gives the effect of the space between them having a lyrate profile when seen from a certain angle, as opposed to lunate, which is seen in the sassaby subspecies found to the south: D. lunatus lunatus and D. lunatus superstes. It is in principal indistinguishable from D. lunatus topi, the topi population found to the east along the coasts. A hartebeest also has lyrate horns, but these are sharper angled.
Images of Topi

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